Women’s Ge Socks-Green(M)


• Germanium Alloy inside
• Enhance blood circulation
• Antibacterial fabric-eliminates objectionable odious crated in textile
• Deodor
• No toxicity
• 3D weave design-suitable for left and right feet shape without sliding away
• Mesh weave-excellent permeability and sweat siphoning
• Bottom thickened-ease foot pressure
• Get rid of tiredness
• 23% Polyester(Ge), 44% Cotton, 7% Silver Ion Nylon, 25% Nylon, 1% Lycra
• Women's Shoe Size US 5-12 (S:Pink 5-6, M:Green 7-9, L:Blue 10-12)
• Model : 5’8” 125 lbs, Women's Shoe Size US 8

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jlu Ge socks were created by athletes from around the world. Through rigorous testing and consultation with experts, we have created an innovative product. By incorporating Germanium into our products, it has allowed for increased performance and comfort. This is achieved by the increase of blood circulation, the elimination of static, the reduction of oder and the reduction of tiredness. We strive to innovate and maximize the performance and comfort.